DevOps and Efficacy

As I always do I was checking out the DevOps group on LinkedIn and a question caught my attention “How can you gauge a company’s commitment to DevOps philosophy?” I thought that was an interesting question, and it turned out to be a very interesting discussion. Below is my reply.

Managing A DevOps Team

Well first off I figured I would make that the title since that’s probably what people think I do these days, I manage a DevOps team. Well first off all if you have been following the DevOps movement there is no such thing as a DevOps team, so while it might help my resume to

AWS Dashbaord With Python, Boto and Flask

So I actually started working on a small little dashboard for AWS for another project I am working on in the office; however I decided to fork it and make this into a dashboard which could be used by many other people to get a single view of their AWS environment. Besides that I also