AWS Enhanced Networking Broken On Ubuntu 12.04

This is going to be a short and sweet post. Currently enhanced networking is not working with the Canonical Ubuntu 12.04 HVM AMI.

I have been working hard to enable enhanced networking inside of Ubuntu 12.04. Enhanced networking as you know is a new feature AWS has released with C3 and I2 instances. The steps you need to follow are found here:

Once you have the ixgbevf driver installed, stop the instance, and enable the enhanced networking flag via ec2-modify-instance-attribute the instance fails to boot due to eth0 not initializing. I have escalated this to AWS support and they have reproduced the issue. If you need this working with Ubuntu, the Canonical Ubuntu 13.10 HVM AMI works just fine. I searched the internet and could find no one else reporting this issue, so I figured I would update the community.

Amazon has reproduced the issue and will be updating me soon on the status. Once it’s fixed and I have tested it, I will update this post with the information.


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