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  1. Anonymous

    We ran into similar problems with upgrading puppet to 3.0.0 using the latest version as well. Ours happened on the last day of PuppetConf SF. Luckily, my boss and I were at work when it happened. Here is what we ran into.

    * Had to update the file for our nginx/passenger setup on the puppetmaster (upgraded it on 3.0.0 and again on 3.0.1)
    * Had to update all of our sources from puppet:////path/to/file to puppet:///modules//path/to/file. This took a while to diagnose. Basically, run the puppetmaster in –no-daemonize –debug mode and run a client against it.
    * Remove all 2.x versions of puppet on all puppet clients and puppetmaster servers. Somehow they got mixed up when multiple versions were installed.

    Currently we are very happy with the new version of puppet. And we were able to upgrade our system ruby to the latest 1.9.3.

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