Adding sun-java6-jdk On Ubuntu With Puppet

As you may or may not know Oracle (Sun) Java has been removed from all of the Ubuntu Repositories <LINK>. For many of us this is casing problems with our puppet manifests (well for me it certainly does) so here is how I have resolved the issue.

I published a puppet module on github . To check out the module simply cd into your a working copy of your puppet manifest (which hopefully isn’t /etc/puppet) and type:

cd ~/puppet/modules/
git clone java

This will create a directory called java in your modules directory. In the ~/puppet/modules/java/files directory you will find a file jdk1.7.0_03.tar.gz as of this blog post this is the latest version of the jdk if you wish to change the version simply edit the ~/puppet/modules/java/manifests/params.pp file and change $java_version.

Finally, you will want to decide what the path to the jdk is, this is also defined in the params.pp file as $java_base

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