Ubuntu Linux Headed For Apple – Like Approach

An interesting article by Swapnil Bhartiya over on Muktware discusses this prospect with Prakash Advani, Canonical’s Partner Manager for Central Asia and Bhartiya indicates that Ubuntu has found its own niche, “an Apple-like approach.” The question of whether Ubunto plans to go into hardware as a complete solution is then asked. Advani asserts that there are no plans for Ubuntu to enter the hardware market as it prefers to concentrate on Ubuntu. However he also points out that the company acts with hardware manufacturers so that products based on Ubuntu are first-rate.

Advani also discusses hardware support and says that Ubuntu has an extensive forum of users adding that occasional hardware problems are often solved by the Ubuntu community in its forum. Advani says, “We also engage with the OEMs to certify there hardware, this assures the customers that all the hardware that is certified with Ubuntu will work properly. We are happy to work with hardware manufacturers who want better support on Linux.”

For much more and the full interview go to muktware.com. What are your thoughts on the future for Ubuntu? We’d welcome your comments so feel free to send them to us.

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